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All of the latest prayer, praise and progress news from Naleng Real in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Naleng Real - Haggai Alumni Reunion 2024.

Naleng Real’s Biography

Naleng Real’s story is one of extraordinary resilience, unwavering faith, and a relentless dedication to making a difference in the world. Born into a non-Christian family in Cambodia, Naleng faced unimaginable hardships early in life. Orphaned at the tender age of three during the brutal Pol Pot regime, she navigated a childhood marked by loss

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A Year in Review 2021 for Naleng

A Year In Review – 2021

At the start of this new year it is good to look back and reflect and review key events for me from 2021 and to tell others about how incredible God’s steadfast and unfailing love has been, and continues to be, in my life.

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God’s Incredible Provisions in 2020

Quarterly Report – January to March 2020 Church Ministry in Takeo: Our church mission in Takeo has finished three sessions of water baptism for new believers. We trained one of our local leaders there to be the leader in the house church that we planted. The number of children has increased each time we met

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