God’s Incredible Provisions in 2020

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Quarterly Report – January to March 2020


Church Ministry in Takeo:

Our church mission in Takeo has finished three sessions of water baptism for new believers. We trained one of our local leaders there to be the leader in the house church that we planted. The number of children has increased each time we met and we are now averaging 50-80 children.

Recently, we moved from the house of the host to another house.  This new host is a teacher. Beside his school teaching, Mr. Nath is willing to help children with their informal learning environment. We as the church planters team support him with some learning material supplies so he could help the children with access to the learning materials  such as books, pencils and white board with some other needs. All offerings and support are supported by our mother church which is the Good News of Jesus Church in Phnom Penh.

Church Ministry in Phnom Penh:

Back at my home church (Good News of Jesus) – all church activities are banned by the government in Phnom Penh due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have “virtual” cell group gatherings for each Sunday Service. I have been assigned to lead, guide and monitor three youths with the word of God and prayer every Wednesday. On Sunday’s, I take the role  as a leader to share God’s message, through a virtual meeting using Facebook Messenger, with a small group from the church. Thanks God for His blessings upon our church leaders to provide us each topic for each Sunday.

East Extension Center Cambodia (EEC):

EEC staff (from Singapore) came to Cambodia and met with teachers/leaders and supervisors and we shared a meal and fellowship and they offered selected students with the officially scholarship program from East Asia after they had successfully completed one year in the “visiting students phase”.

We had two school orientations — one in Battambang and another one in Phnom Penh. There were 11 students who have received East Orientation for MA program in leadership.


We are facing the COVID-19 that has stopped EEC from having a quarterly class gathering this year that was scheduled last year. We tried to have a class via Zoom but were unable to have on online class because teachers and students time was limited from field ministry and mission organization trips and social distancing.

Would really appreciate your prayer in this that we could find another solution so we can continue with the EEC training.

Prayer Request and next plan for April to June 2020

  • Our prayer continues for the Church in Takeo that we will be able to come back and meet them once the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted by the government and it is safe to travel and meet again..
  • Please pray that, if possible, the EEC class will be able to have Zoom meetings for our next class.
  • God’s Protection for all church members and leaders and family members from the COVID-19 virus pandemic.
  • Wisdom and strength from God to serve Him this year 2020.
  • God provides all my needs to serve Him in 2020.
  • Good health to serve God with new work environment adjustment at Words of Life Ministries Organization.
  • Please pray for our EEC, as we are gathering for weekly updates (Saturday) with prayer request from each other via Zoom. It will start this Saturday (17 April) onward.


Praise the Lord for His awesome provision and giving me a new job at  “Words of Life Ministries”.  It is especially amazing to be able to have a job when so many people have been impacted due to the COVID-19 lock-down that is happening across the city and our country.

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