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Prayer, Praise and Progress
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Naleng Real - Haggai Alumni Reunion 2024.

Naleng Real’s Biography

Naleng Real’s story is one of extraordinary resilience, unwavering faith, and a relentless dedication to making a difference in the world. Born into a non-Christian family in Cambodia, Naleng faced unimaginable hardships early in life. Orphaned at the tender age of three during the brutal Pol Pot regime, she navigated a childhood marked by loss and survival against the backdrop of one of Cambodia’s darkest periods. Yet, it was these early trials that laid the foundation for a life characterized by a profound faith and a commitment to service.
Naleng’s educational journey began with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Norton University in Cambodia, a stepping stone that led her to pursue higher education abroad. She earned a Master of Art in Intercultural Studies from the East Asia School of Theology in Singapore, equipping her with the knowledge and skills to bridge cultural divides through her subsequent work.
Professionally, Naleng has worn many hats, reflecting her versatile talents and deep commitment to her community. Her roles have spanned from translator, worship leader, and ministry volunteer to board member, mission worker, and trainer. Since 1994, Naleng has served in various capacities within different ministries, including significant stints with the Assemblies of God and World Vision International in Cambodia. Her work has not only been a testament to her faith but also her desire to impact the lives of others positively.
Naleng’s ministry experiences are vast and varied, involving translation projects, seminars, Christian resources, and bible school materials development. For nine years, she contributed her expertise to the Assemblies of God, followed by another nine years with World Vision International as a Christian Formation Coordinator. These roles have allowed Naleng to leave a lasting impact on the spiritual and educational landscape of Cambodia, especially among the youth and the less fortunate.
In addition to her professional and ministry roles, Naleng’s personal story of faith and transformation is both inspiring and heartening. Her conversion to Christianity marked a pivotal turn in her life, guiding her path towards service and leadership within her community and beyond. Her testimony speaks volumes of the power of faith in overcoming adversity and finding one’s purpose in the service of others.
Naleng’s contributions extend into the realm of education and leadership training. She has been instrumental in translating and editing Christian literature, making vital resources accessible to Cambodian leaders and new believers. Her work with Kairos and Haggai International further underscores her commitment to mobilizing people into God’s mission, fostering a global network of Christian leaders equipped to spread the gospel and engage in meaningful community service.
Her leadership and service have not gone unnoticed. Naleng has been recognized within her community and by international organizations for her dedication and impact. She has served on the board of several organizations, including the Precious Woman Organization, and has been involved in church planting initiatives that have brought hope and spiritual guidance to many.
Despite facing personal challenges, including health issues and the adversities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Naleng’s faith and determination have remained unshaken. She continues to navigate these challenges with grace, relying on her faith and the support of her community to persevere. Her resilience in the face of adversity serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to many.
Looking to the future, Naleng remains committed to her mission of ending gospel poverty and bringing the message of faith and hope to the marketplace. Through her roles as a translator, leader, and servant, she continues to make a significant impact in Cambodia and globally. Her life’s work is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of community service, and the transformative impact of dedicated leadership.
Naleng Real’s journey from a childhood marked by hardship to a life of purposeful service is a powerful narrative of transformation, resilience, and hope. Her story is not just her own but serves as an inspiration to all who face challenges, encouraging them to find strength in faith and purpose in service.

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A Year in Review 2021 for Naleng

A Year In Review – 2021

At the start of this new year it is good to look back and reflect and review key events for me from 2021 and to tell others about how incredible God’s steadfast and unfailing love has been, and continues to be, in my life.

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